Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Back!/ 3:59 AM

I'm finally back after all this crap sending my laptop to service at fuckjitsu..opps i mean fujitsu.lolGuess what the solution they did was reformatt,WTF rite?I think its something spoilt physically.I also know how to reformatt,they did ask if i need a carrier for my laptop when i came back for redemption,i brought my laptop back but i said i want it.LOL. Buy some food from jollibeans,the food with peanut filling inside damn nice, gave the red bean fillings for my mum.Yea the taxi trip from my house funan was 14.50 including the CTE thing, guess what,when going home,it was 16 dollars without the CTE thing,but the driver was nice afterall,chatted with me.While we was at the traffic light,the taxi driver saw his friend who is working crossing the road,so he shouted to him something funny then happened,the worker cross the road then put all the packages and wanted to come to the middle of the road to chat,then his packages topple but he used a "Chick Kick" lol,the shoe came off.lol.

Naomi has been eliminated from wwe divas search 2007 aka find a whore 2007 lol, this contest completely useless,has been running for the 4th time,letting all those talentless bimbo get a "free pass" to the company when there is so much talented divas at training,wasted talent.This year,the 3 hot favourites is Eve torres, Lena Yada and J.Kim which reminds me of gail.N level is coming, seriously hope all my chinese and malay friends make it for sec 5,but if they want to go ite,i respect their decision.okay,photobucket is really taking a long time...Darn!Do remember to catch survivor china tis friday at 11pm,WWE diva ashley massaro is in it,i only watch first episode as i have spoilers saying she is the 2nd person eliminated from the tribe,nooo...she is coming back to wwe to botch the womens division.Here some pictures again:

Diya at carrie gathering

Darn laptop




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