Saturday, September 29, 2007
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Being so stressed up with exams and sudden change of topics for social studies..Thanks ms kaur for changing it back for us...sorry for making you spending the whole afternoon editing the exam papers...I just cant get the chapters in my head...dunnoe what happen to me this time...And yEa, Yesterday was survivor china 2ND episode...Ashley was booted was damn physically yesterday...I BOTH LOVE AND HATE ASHLEY

Fujitsu serve really sucks...Takes almost one month to reply a mail..WTF!!!!!!As what it goes...FOOLjitsu and FUCKjitsu...haha. Till now then i realised that some people are not just themselves when online...only being direct online and reallife,so fake...Sort of a wannabe faker..These few days i have been staying in school to revise for exams..Speaking of staying back.Last tuesday, i went to look for mr tan after school but he wasnt around..i waited for 1 hrs with ch....We got impatient so we went back home....And yea...i seeeked mr tan's helped on wednesday, so funny kitguan and i fell off the topple..everyone was laughing at us..i was gonna to shout back at the..How would you feel if i laugh that ur mummy fall off the bench?Obviously you will be angry right,cause u dunnoe me personally so have no right to do that in reallife..Mr tan was helping me halfway and went back to help his students to do filling i suppose....While he was in the staffroom for whole of two hours and guess what...He fell alsleep inside the staffroom and told me that when tuesday, he was around but not in staff room..he was at the bench which was blocked by something so i cant find him...drats....Tips for ya,for merger and seperation...Study only reason for merger and seperation and also how did indonesia and philippines react..For countries cause and effects of conflicts and also roles of people in the conflict...Well for healthcare...dun ask me..i dunnoe..For sg industrial why was there industrial restructing and also what happened during 1960s to late 1970s...All those i mentioned all types of questions they usually ask for SEQ..Hope countries divided and malaysia and industrial come out for SEQ..Healthcare and education go to SBQ. fingers *crossed*//

..N levels starts this monday...good luck to my friends...To those who don't feel like going to sec 5 and do the same thing advice is to try ur best and get into a good ite!!!! It seems that hey gorgeous the channel u show is not getting a good response from people..This year's contestants are REAL UGLY...some even win as the hunk or babe of the school...Xiao hua xiao chao..might as well call it xiaogong(School cleaner)..haha..Please lah people..take a piss and look yourself into it...Don't make people vomit when people are eating....Just like xiaxue, damn fake online and reallife..reallife act so innocent,dun dare do anything on the show then on blog scold scold scold....What sia....Just a airhead bimbo...Hands are getting tired so see you guys soon!


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