Friday, September 7, 2007
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Have not been updating with the blog for few days,because of some personal reason,don't probe me to know,i won't tell you..Holiday ends this sunday..glad its gonna end.This monday trip to temasek poly is actually postponed to 2pm to 5 pm after school,damn right?It was supposed to be 9 plus to 12.That shit ass said what against school policy,they should know that we go temasek polycause we can skip lessons =D.Now hearing thats its after school,i rather not go to that damn place.Been bus getting my blog to be advertise and getting something for it to make it more interesting.Oh and yea,FYI,rumours on the net have been saying that wwe diva,ashley has been booted off 2nd in the competition,survivor china,just for an updated and more detailed spoilers


First Episode: Probst says the first
episode (premiering Sept. 20 at 8 pm/ET)
involves a Buddhist ceremony, which a
few tribe members find emotionally
overwhelming. (Source: TV Guide - 8.20.07)
Entry: "They will then be dropped off on
two separate islands with only the
clothes on their backs and divided into
two tribes: Fei Long (translation:
Flying Dragon) and Zhan Hu (translation:
Fighting Tiger)."
Kidnapping: Each week, the tribe that
wins the Reward Challenge will have the
chance to kidnap a member of the losing
tribe. Before the kidnappee departs for
the enemy camp, he or she will be handed
a note from Jeff Probst and instructed
to give it to an opposing tribe member
of their choice. The note contains a
clue tipping off the recipient to the
location of the Hidden Immunity Idol
within their camp, information that he
or she then must decide whether or not
to share with the rest of the tribe. At
the next immunity challenge, the
kidnapped victim returns to his or her
original tribe.

First Challenge: Dragon Dance

1st Boot: Steve "Chicken" Morris

2nd Boot: Ashley Massaro


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