Monday, October 8, 2007
Acer=Cheap for value/ 5:49 AM

Acer is in one of the top 5 IT company in the world.Its revenue in 2006 was $11.1 billion USD and still rising due to the brand's popularity. But it seems that alot of people have been manipulated to buy this brand of laptop.Well,thats because its famous for its name,cheap for value.People get tempt by this pharse and therefore purchased it and resulting in visiting the service centre almost at least two to three times a month.To make up for the cheap for value slogan, the staff are more polite and even can exchange another laptop with better specifications if there is any defects(usually have).For Acer,you can get the twice better specs than sony or fujitsu at almost 1 times of price lower. Just don't understand why people want to buy something that spoils physically very fast? Its true indeed that other brands have complaints due but in comparison, Acer received more complaints. Therefore, Acer is rated one of the bottom in quality,well still not last. Acer is well known to be cheap cause of its cheap plastic used. Another brand, Asus using plastic too but it user thicker layer therefore, its cheap for value and also have good built quality.This is called marketing strategy. To make matter worse,acer is both made and manufactured in china which leds to higher chances of getting defects and hardware failure. Acer's laptops lcd are well known to be flimsy and the hinge always seems to be breaking. Not just based this to proves its cheap for value, School teachers are given laptops to teach student and guess whats the brand?Nec and Acer, at least nec is more trustable though less popular.Well,if you want something to compare with acer, dell is your #1 choice. Dell service is better and better in quality though i heard some rumours saying it parts is fixed by superglue so if your computer fails, you have to go to dell for repair and no way you can repair it yourself.So, never trust Acer, go for other brands and never ever tempt by it.

Acer latest model

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How you see yourself: Hardworking, ethical, and helpful

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