Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Fujitsu/fooljitus/fuckjitsu/ 5:45 AM

Fujitus is a brand for laptop and its from Japan. Yes, it may be from japan but i did online votes to get the overall voting which means average,which is more accurate so stop whinning like a little bitch about my post. Fujitsu was ranked middle which i have to say its decent, somehow its underrated and overrated. The following content will be based on just MINE problems so stop crackling like a little whore saying fujitsu is good when i already did two to three times voting.

Less than 1 week of my purchase of my laptop, it had problem already,when i send for service, they ownself say the person never set properly the bios setting.Bitch, you admitted it yourself already that this laptop of mine is not build properly.Well, i didnt mind cause maybe just a damn minor error.Well, that totally changed because i had problems again less than 3 weeks.Not gonna talk about it, so many errors for you twerps to see.Every 3 weeks i have to go Funan and get that fucking traffic jam and see that thick-lips aka zanny the bitch.Guess what,fujitsu when taking down your problems its so general. Example, i told that zanny that i have blue screen of death and i told her the error name,she just write blue screen of death. She so damn fucked up. I give her alot of details and when she typed out my problems for the technician, its so general. After i got my laptop back from service, i got the report slip,it says motherboard,hdd,ram test all passed. They think i stupid??? I know they just use all those basic programmes used by laptop users and those programmes had low detection rate for errors. They should be using all those professional programmes technician should use. So,they said it was software error so reformatt. Are they idiot or faggots? the day before i send for repair i reformatted it myself and for the 1st time after reformatt, whole system became so lag. How can be this due to software issues. I already suspected it was software issues. Yesterday my mum called the customer hotline and that guy keep saying its vista,or the programs i downloaded. He just want to deny the fact that my laptop is failing physically and didn't wanted to change spare parts for me.He even said if i change again the error still there then no use what.Hey asshole, cant u just give it a damn fucking try for once? Now what, bluetooth on my computer can't even be on.Bullshit whore.Fuck fujitsu ceo. Tomorrow i am going to the service centre again as the guy ask me to go meet him at the service centre, i be posting on what he has to say, denying all the facts again.

And people, feel free to get offended of what i have to talk about next cause thats your problem and i have my freedom of speech. Stop saying i am rude because freedom of speech means able to voice out your own opinion on anything, so even i said your mum's a whore, thats my opinion and freedom of speech too.

Can't you guys just stop being racist and sexist? Especially to woman. Hey dude, you have a mum too right? So why bother saying wwe divas sucks all those? If you say that, you are insulting your own mother because definitely your mum cant even wrestle and confirms looks uglier than those divas. For racist people, don't you even heard of a pharse saying black is beautiful? Just because black is unique till oyu jealous you are a white? White is like a ghost? Listen heard, some black people are even hotter than whites.


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