Monday, December 31, 2007
First pay/ 4:05 AM

Today i got my first pay for my first ever job at isetan scotts.$682.5 for 13 days i guess.Supposed to get 800 plus but i never came for 3 days,good pay though, the job there is really great and the management there is friendly. Sometimes get caught sitting down but they never scold. As you know,wherever there is kit and me,there is bound to be gossips. Our working hours is 12 hours a day of standing so we talk crap and looking for look alikes diva/superstar came into our mind,LOL.

We gossip about the supervisor all those,store manager and other promoters. There was Trish stratus,Lita aka hebe, goong-li,melina and johnny nitro.etc.All don't even look like at all lol, just for entertainment. We even give the cleaner who always cleaned our section a nickname,lol mrs piss off. That's because when she is cleaning our section,she will get pissed off.Don't play play, lol She is counter strike queen and top frag man, all headshots and WCG champion leh.That's one of our gossip too. The store manager always play counter strike with mrs piss off in the computer room. Then when they go home, they chat on msn using singlish whether what game to play,JX, Dota,CS or finding he go home always blog and upload photos and his favourite caption is me and my colleague,taken with assistant store manager,sundra,the blue ranger.

ONE PERSON OR SHOULD I SAY 'IT', i will never forget, and that's candy the "Ren Yao". She is working one floor below us and right infront. She work at "Tea" where she sells cheapskate bag and 3 make up brushes lol,3 for one dollar.Her favourite phrase is," Take your gucchi bag",in a off tune Her hair is curve style so we always call her 5 dollar hair cut in chinese. We always "diao" her and sometimes she diao back lol. One funny thing about her is that she is very lazy, she comes 1 or 2 times a week,sometimes never even come. Even she come,she always missing in a 5 minute interval,worse 2 hr.

There is this supervisor that we gossip about her that she always get "backstabbed" lol cause she is torrie,the underrated veteran. On christmas eve,we drank champagne and we turn red lol.

When we are talking or slacking and when one of the supervisor walking past,we will say attack,with their names.Example, SM(Store manager) actually "likes" someone man.And yea,one of the cashier is called moe,ermm not ministry of education.ME and KIT came up something funny for her,we always point our finger down then say,"Moe",it just has a "It" factor that makes it more entertaining,cannot be explained though. Now we call weibin "Fenren"(Powderman) cause his body got powerder smell.Whoever is reading this blog,i have to say,somethings talk online not funny,cause it just words,no feelings so when school reopen,get ready to laugh ^^.

Me and my colleague


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