Thursday, January 3, 2008
Grades "Dropping"/ 2:40 AM

I think im going ite. New chapters to study for my two best subject,science and humanities and the chapters are quite hard for me.For physics the new chaps are hard to understand and basically,THEORY!.I want formulas.

Been trying to get used to the school environment but it just does not have the "IT" factor that appeals me,it just can't be explained.Canteen so small,they think they are stuffing rubbish in it isit,the canteen is like almost 1/4 of the size of the old tpss school.

Ashley may return any time as survivor just ended on TV and Lena Yada is debuting on smackdown this week,hope she proves me wrong and long live to our Asian Sensation.Also,Candice will make her return in about two weeks time.I can't wait to see her get back in the ring and become the two times womens champion.So what she is overrated?At least there is something to watch on tv.

On the other hand,Kelly and layla is making improvements in their in ring skills,there may not be decent yet but they are now not COMPLETELY USELESS!At least they can do few moves in the ring.Not only that,i'm hoping to see maryse train about half a year more and debut in smackdown instead of welcoming us back to smackdown everyweek.Now on the diva roster,its like all the divas can do at least a few moves and is not useless,its always the wwe booking fault but fans blame it on the divas/wrestler.

The TNA divas division is really much better,its less of sexist and they get air time which is same or even more than men.Some even rated that the knockouts matches bring up the ratings of the show. Unfortunately,the guys in the locker room felt piss off that tna management to waste time on women,this is what i call sexist.

As for now,i already got all the things i want and now i only hope to be able to understand the new chapters for this year.


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