Friday, January 25, 2008
What a generic life i have.. =(/ 3:23 AM

Once in a life,there is bound to be quarreling with you parents,your loved ones or even your friends.Since two years ago,there is no longer love and trust between my parents.Almost everyday,my dad voice tone while talking is loud.When i am sleeping,he just come to me and asked if i had my dinner so done my homework,as if like he is talking to someone who is not asleep.Most of the time,or i can say whenever he starts a quarrel, victory would always go to him like he is right all the time. Nearly mid of 2006,my dad was finding some expensive stuff to pawn in order to achieve a sum of money to pay debts i guess...When he found out its not there,first thing,shoot my mum,accused her of stealing it and he just went on and on like he is confirmed that my mum was the culprit.

In the end, my mum have to say she was the one who pawned it even when she wasn't the one who did it,my mum just kept crying while talking to her best on friend,telling her what happened again.There was also this damn freaking jar placed at my house's corridor which went missing.As usual, my mum got the blame and scolding,winner and once again,my dad.=(Even before these and after my grandmother passed away,she left a sum on inheritance. Before her last breath,she told my mum infront of everyone that my mum was the one that was best to her even they always quarrel when she was still in the house. My mum was left a part of the inheritance but my dad said that since when was it your turn?You are just and outsider.This is freaking lame shit and the money would be in good use in my mum's hands rather than my dad's.What he do is to gamble,not that kind of gambler that you see on tv dramas,rather similar though.When more things occurred, my mum tends to tell her best friend what had happened and she lives one block away.

Oh ya,regarding this jar,my dad accused my mum that she gave it to her best friend and all the time,she would blame and swear my mum's best friend.Recently,my dad talk about the past things again, because he was angry,he went to talk about the missing items again,my mum fought back and said you keep saying i was the one who stole it so even i wasn't the one whole stole it,i also have to admit i was the thief.It was my turn again,long time no quarrel with my dad but he said why pack school bag so late,its only about 10pm or earlier,does it makes a difference?Some crap went on so i talk back,went crying and went to sleep. After that day,i never talk to him for about three weeks which i felt great,no one talking to me as if i am not sleeping and talking loudly to me but today,my door wasn't lock. Yesterday, my key got snapped inside the lock as my dad used too much strength to open the door.My dad then went to buy a new one and this lock is complicated as it is hard to unlock/lock it.So the next day which is today after i went home,my mum went out to get hair cut and some stuff.etc.My dad then came home later on and shouted at me why the door not locked,i just told him my mum asked me not to lock as she is afraid the thing will snap again as it is hard to use. At that moment,my mum also reached home from interchange also my dad questioned her too.I told my dad my mum said to me about don't lock the door which happened at 4pm plus and my mum told my dad she went out at five plus.He said which one of you is lying?Well,i just kept quiet and both of them just kept ranting on and on.I am really pissed off to have such a person to be my dad.


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