Tuesday, March 11, 2008
Italentstar journey/ 9:12 AM

This competition has been officially ended for me since i am eliminated. This journey was a fun one and it has been a wonderful experience for me as well, it's so tough yet so fun. Through this competition, i make alot of good friends such as Allister,Gim,mike and not forgetting my best buddy, IZZZZ IDRISSSSS. I still remember the day at ministry of sound,i was shivering, when i did my introduction,they were cheering for me and chanting my name,its like omg.They really took care of me alot. When i am down,gim and izz is always there for me. Jason gives me his truthful comments which i can learn from and improve on it. It's really nice of Gim,val,jubjub and mike to actually sing their own composed song for me and some others.It's really nice and almost made me cried, you guys were treating me better than some of my friends. I do learn something from this too. Whatever i do, always give it my best shot in order to achieve my dreams/goals. When you one to do something, some things have to be sacrificed. For this competition, i sacrificed one day of studies, which may disappoint you all but i already promised and i did it, i catch up with what i missed that day in school.

This competition also enable me to open my eyes bigger and see who are my true friends and who are not. To my good friend cheehao,thanks for being my daily voter,who i can say is my best friend and #1 fan. I think without your votes and some other,i might not be even to stay at 9th position. I know i did my best for my video and maybe my votes pulled me down but well, that's a good thing. Maybe god is giving me a chance to start studying again. Even for the first challenge, Izz is willing to give up some of her time for her video just to help me film mine.Without her,i think my video will be trash,no planning at all.Sorry if my camera gave you alot trouble.Maybe i going to buy a new one soon before the competition ends so will make your life easier.

Gim, thanks for being such a good counselor and a good "dad".lol. You really know how to cheer people up and distress me somehow. Today i was really upset with alot of things but you made my day. Not forgetting the video you made for me which i mentioned earlier. You are the best ultimate comedian in our group and you video is simple but entertaining. Especially the passion one, its alot of improvement unlike mine,still mediocre.

Evan,i just remembered that you are the first person that talked to me during the ministry of sound event and even offered help. Well,i was too nervous for the introduction video but thanks. You did scared me when i was thinking about my lines in the cubicle and suddenly someone called me,"JiaDe? Need help?well i said its okay,but you came back again.THANKS!!!!

Mike, wasn't noticing much about you from the first day of unveiling of top 20 contestants from singapore but soon, i recognized you as the Caucasians sensation.Thanks for helping me calling Valerie that day.Hope you still remember it lol.You are another joker and rocker in the group, the most unique among the 20 of us.Well,that day at the coffee shop, alot of people were staring at us though.lol.

Jason, sorry for not picking up the calls you gave me that day,i was too upset with the replies i got from my teachers(Sorry) and i was talking to my parents too. You are another next counselor after Gim. Your comments made me feel better and make me learn how to improve on my mistakes. =)

Allister, still remembered you wearing slippers to mos that day,you just keep touching my back or hit?lol. You can make people relax by actions and not using mouth,thats really special?.I respect your decisions for this competition.

Wilson,omg this guy speaks good english and is really hilarious, i still remembered this quote you made,why holland people are not calle hoes? Thats really funny but lol?Can't belive you can sing too.

Jabbar,this guy just kept asking me to chill but i can't.lol, i just kept trembling don't know for what reason.Well, hoping for you to win =).

Geraldine, i'm really trying to study now, still trying hard. I gonna do well for my o levels after your words.Was it you?you are a good dancer and who cares if you go off tune for your italent audition video?At least it shows that you are not afraid to show!=)

Val,another good friend here. She is a good talker,rooting for both you and izz as well.I always loved your videos.It's really awesome and good. The video you made are like some tv shows and you are the host. Will be asking some of my friends to vote for you,so can help pull up your votes so you can be safe for a few rounds. May the best one win.

Iko, perhaps one of the most funniest girl in the competition. You made alot of improvement too. Your passion video was really good. Hope to see you in the next gathering.

Gillian, another good friend whom i talked to since the beginning. Finally i know where is the taxi stand. Sorry that i am unable to make to the IT show to see you,was really busy doing stuff.etc. Really hope you go through another round. I can't wait to see what kind of interesting video you will make for next round.

Kash, simple and just good. You are always here to shine. That day couldn't hear what natasha was asking about so thanks for telling me. Too bad that my friend didn't picked up the call.Personally, i feel that you are the most underrated female contestant for italentstar singapore.Votes go up*Pray*. You overcome each challenge easily with just you rapping skills.Simply just loved it.

Diyana, hope you like that birthday surprise we gave you that day. =)

Jacklyn, the most hardworking contestant during launch party. Don't mentioned it,its right for me to update you with the latest information.

Get ready for some memories.

My glamour video

My passion video

first sg italent so called mtv

My voting video

My own MTV

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