Thursday, July 30, 2009
/ 8:26 PM

Boredom to death. Projects,assignments. But at least i am going to finish them le. By the way, is roughly how my WDS project gonna look like. Hopefully i can complete it earlier so i can do other stuff and also add more stuff to the website =D.

3 more days to 18th year old. Legal to club =p. Somehow,i just don't like my birthday in recent years. It's getting real annoying.

Also, two weeks no echo le. Lucky i got practice myself singing.Yea, so my next lesson is on 8th august and it's Neo's birthday.AUGUST just rocks =p. The best month of all 12 months.

School been sorta empty recent weeks. Most likely because the final year students are in SIP,YES,at least it won't be so crowded and stuff.

Found something interesting on stomp and wanted to show to you guys.

Those "ah beng" cars!

I'm sure you've seen and heard them populating our singapore streets. Yes, those shiny modified cars with an extremely loud engine. and most of the drivers have blond/brown streaks in their hair. Ok, i'm fine with them prettying up their cars but the crazy noisy engines, i really find that very inconsiderate. Please lah, everyone knows that you just put a hole in the exhaust to make that kind of sound, not as if ur engine super power...

very noisy and bo liow!

Please, for the Lord's sake, or at least for the sake of our precious ear drums, put a ban on people who modify their car silencers. I can appreciate the noise pounded in the nightclubs surrounding Clarke Quay, but this? It isn't even considered a noise. It is a massive deterrent of sleep..

I totally with what the above.

I'm fine with those people making their cars look nicer if their car is exactly same as taxi, the one from toyota but like wtf,doing illegal modifications and making those engine and honk sounds like woah,your car is like so power when it is exactly the same as the taxi -.-.What's the hype over cars?It just a car -.-. No don't go saying hey, people modify their car is their problem but HELLO,that's the wrong way to quarrel. This is my freedom of speech and my opinion so i can voice it out for god sake. Just like some biased fans.When their favourite singers get criticized with CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM FROM FAIR HATERS,they would say,"you think you better you go sing la,if not don't comment."
Like what,not just singers, everyone living on this planet is open to criticism and getting good comments from people. Doesn't meant i have to be better than the person then i can comment about him or her. If that's not the case,then why when i comment good things bout a person,i don't have to be better than him/her? You all just contradict yourself.

I also hate and i mean HATE it when people are like , anti-supporters/haters should get the fuck off like what? Hello,WHEN THERE IS SUPPORTERS,THERE IS BOUND TO BE HATERS.Usually those who get this comments are singers and actors/actress.

Personally,i don't mind haters cause they are supposed to be there no matter what but most importantly,they must be FAIR haters,just like my fans has to be fair and not biased towards me.

I also been viewing whatever blog i can find and i saw some words on their blog, don't like my blog or hate me?Just click on the cross on the right hand top corner. Like hello,"Read what i said above".

Just like punk clothes, they are getting haters too and i wear them and accept those looks and criticsm people gave me.

Also, a question for the readers.

Would you rather choose to respect people of different rank and be fake with people of different authority OR would you rather be REAL and talk the same way to people of all kind of authority and don't restrict what you say? Simply, Respect some kind of people and be abit fake or be real but don't restrict what you say?


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