Wednesday, July 1, 2009
/ 5:41 AM

Changing blogskin real soon. I want the text box to be super big one,not like any typical blog skins around. What i want is something like

Got back my term test papers. Didn't few sad about it but there's nothing to be happy about either. I got i guess the lowest for like all the paper for my class and i guess only i failed? Might be bottom of cohort? Maybe i'm not used to the sudden twist of subjects?From English, Maths,Chinese,Science,Humanities,Food and nutrition and the sudden appear of strange subjects like WDS? No way, i'm pretty sure it's because i never put my heart As usual,bought some stuff from clothes shop and will be stopping for sometime because i was supposed to save and instead to spent. Around 2 weeks ago,got my new phone.

Mine's the black color one. My first choice was suppose to be LG because LG been picking up it's game in recent 2 years. And brands like nokia and sony ericsson has gone down hill after its factory shifted to china. LG and samsung is rising up in its rank and its phone build quality is getting more solid. Was suppose to get LG arena but dont' know what changed my mind to get the Nokia N97.
It's already been like 2 months of vocal lesson?Around 8 lesson i suppose. Been showing improvement somehow said my teacher but i don't see any. She also told me that my singing problem is heavily due to my talking problem. I had talking problems since young and i make it a bad habit thus my throat muscles is used to make my voice sounds strange when talking to certain people.Right know,she is helping me to fix my voice! =).Thanks. Talk about my music school quite sometime but never showed you the website. It's . I been quite worn out from projects and work, forcing me to sleep at around 3am plus almost everyday but it was my fault too because it was done last minute.

I really need to be more open and more open minded to my good friend in order to change my personality for the better and a happier person. Guess what,i joined IITSC which i don't know why. Cleared my msn contact list few days ago. Noticed that from a 400+ left about 18 people. This shows how much people treasure friendship or put effort to maintain it. Been having evil thoughts but been trying to change my thinking because it would make me feel very horrible.

To end this post, will post some pics of myself.


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