Friday, September 25, 2009
/ 7:25 AM

No matter how bad a person is, i believe nobody is evil by nature.

so what if i did go back on my word and stuff so many times. Yea,this bad habit came back. Like what you say, people that go back on their words can be trusted. yea, but everyone go back on their words no matter how much or how little. but still, i never deny it was my fault for those incidents like secondary 1,2 but 3,4,5 and starting of poly was definitely better somehow although still some flaws like every has but it came back this few weeks.

Like what you say, faker and stuff. This shows that you can tell that i am a faker which means that i don't hide it. Better than those who hide it better as a faker. Thats why you see some people would say, " Hey, she/he is a lot better than you man,at least they don't fake". Partly true why? Because its those people that hide it better. At least i don't hide my fakeness.

But for today. Before that ,you would've have known that i changed my hand phone.Yea,what a lousy excuse but i did sms you and him when i woke up. Whether you received it. I don't know. That's why when you was angry,which i known from other friend. I never bothered to like turn against you or what like last time.
Another friend told me to message you all better. I told him, what for?since cancel le.
Because, i sent another message,not knowing whether you all received yet so this, this was my fault since i don't bother to check whether you received it.

Everyone was pissed but yea,still sorry.
Doesn't mean i say all this so can be friends again or what? I don't need to do that. This is just to tell what happened today.

Doesn't mean not friends means all presents at home are to be thrown away. Still on your birthday,i will deliver it via registered postage.

Yea,i can't be trusted but that's what the world is about ain't it? no one can be trusted fully.
People with a lot flaws like me. Compared to a lot people who are a lot better but still have flaws,there are still a lot more worse than me definitely.

The following post has nothing to do with the above post.

Maybe thats why? A senior told me long ago, everyone is fake when he saw my nick and told me other stuff. Nothing is "lasting". Even for friendship. That's what the counselor told me.. Putting effort to maintain friendship. i do that so as to make sure good friends are still good friends, still talk a lot. Not like different school le,then still sms maybe?but lesser le then in the end from good friends to normal friends then to don't know what.

Whether you see this post anot,i don't know but stil.Sorry.


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