Thursday, September 3, 2009
/ 10:32 AM

Roughly 3/4 for revision for sup paper(back up).

Recently, a lot of things happened this few weeks?. I just keep spending non stop. This is really a serious bad habit. If not,i could have save it or give some to my parents and stuff.

To be honest, what alex told me made sense. Nothing in this world is "lasting" thats why couples do break up, best friends can become normal friends after seldom interaction and contact but i know i always put in effort to maintain friendship. Not as if once in a while sms to ask how you've been or what. Surely just by this, it will be strained. So if this is true,why people even bother to say things such as don't worry, have faith in this friendship and stuff.

The most hurt i've been for friendship was two times, both also one girl one boy. Yea. the second one was seniors from the poly. In fact, one just graduate. Don't be sad to say you are that kind that don't put in effort to maintain or what. Most people don't but no matter how hard i try, its futile.

I can't believe you was so denial when both of you ain't a couple yet and suddenly, both of you are together? It's not my life but hey, you are my good friend and this is just my opinion i guess?

If i dare to say this online on msn or whatever online stuff, i will do the same in real life so i won't have a split personality or being seen as fake.

Had my photoshoot yesterday. It was quite worth it for the money but it was quite tiring and now my body is aching.

oh yea, nokia would be releasing new phones again.

The nokia N900 and x series. Hopefully won't be a wannabe failed flagship phone for nokia since nokia has been going downhill although marketing wise, its still the top phone.

Yea, and i did soft rebonding to my are some of the pictures.

Wanted to go kbox to work but decided not too cause its abit tiring and stuff. The odd hours.


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