Sunday, February 7, 2010
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Wednesday, January 27, 2010
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Wednesday, January 13, 2010
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You better not let me catch you spreading stuff about both of our issues to other people. Tell it to others is still okay UNLESS you not stating FACTS and WHO started it and you TWISTED the truth.

you jolly well know you the one who STARTED it, not me! But in the conflict,i was in fault too,which i never deny but i speaks the truth because when i quarrel,i will state facts that really happen,what cause it to start and stuff,i won't go name callings UNLESS your really horrible and i quarrel CORRECTLY.

So what if i seldom talk in real life and quiet. Thats the REAL me in REAL-life ,not FAKING to be quiet and shy BUT which person don't open up more on the net and stuff. The difference is your real life character is fake. A schemer in disguise.Before any polly calling the kettle black thing, A PERSON DON'T HAVE TO BE BETTER TO JUDGE/COMMENT ON SOMETHING.

If you continue this way,i assure you that you gonna get slap by me one day on by others.

Go lah,go on spread about our conflict and the untrue stuff in the conflict.
This is what a backstabber is define, talking bad UNTRUE stuff behind a person's back,not simply just talking behind a person back.

People out there,be careful

There is a difference between friends and acquaintances. This means that even though he might be fun to talk at in classroom or at lunch, he might not be the kind of person you would like to hang out with after school.

Monday, January 4, 2010
Dead/ 9:42 PM

Well, slept at 2am++ yesterday due to doing report. Well, it's not completed yet and i'm in school early today, lectures(sorry), need to do the report. From around 5page to now +- 11 page already. Still have not met the minimum page requirement and i just went to take a look at how others did their report, my format is totally wrong -.-. Need alot of editing again.

Today lessons will be till 7pm, sick but don't want take MC. Can't afford to miss any lessons or chance to increase my metabolism.

Well, went to weigh myself that day, i'm like back to 50kg++ BUT with a semi-big tummy AND i'm underweight. LOL. This meant that if i want to lose weight, i have to get rid of the fats to reduce my overall weight and increase my muscle mass(takes a longer time) to be back in the healthy BMI range again. Right now,i am prone to deficiency dieasese -.-

Just to update, had my spine check up that day at hospital. My spine is curve 27degree++ to the right and they still said it's mild -.-. Hopefully it doesn't increase if not,i will be more shorter and i be looking very weird. I can't exercise much either due to the problems in my right leg. >.<

Okay,now going for MOS lesson -.-. Hopefully, lesson don't end early so i won't have so much free time to do nothing at all


Boredom/ 9:48 AM

First day of school. One word,D-E-C-E-N-T.
Doing countless reports which i have more on my final projects and lotsa presentations too. Just two written paper examinations for me but just one written paper for my class. No Chinese new year for me this year =D

Report writing is the most irritating ever -.-

Well,apparently 1 month and 7 days to end of year one school lessons. After that,is study week,submissions,presentations and submissions and then a "well"-deserved 1 month plus break like wtf. Well,thats poly,how early/late o level ends got nothing to do with us because the days we have for our holiday is F-I-X-E-D.

Now back to the dreadful report. XD

Monday, December 28, 2009
/ 2:28 AM

Whole family hates you get it? We only talk to you cause of money. And no,not we greedy for money,is because you gambled it and why not use it for the family
Irritating pest.
3 years later something will happen to you.The whole family is already prepared.

Recently,there is this half asian/half american girl copy-ing xiaxue's twitter background style and her blog skin and even create her own blog "award",claiming she is a very popular blogger and stuff. She even stole a picture of nuffnang award(A blog award) and claim that she got it in her region but she forget something,it is the first region competition IN SINGAPORE, pure So i told xiaxue about it and she replied me on twitter =D

See the right hand top corner =D

Sunday, December 27, 2009
/ 9:48 PM

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